Saturday, June 30, 2007

Nicolas on TBS this morning

This may only be showing locally. I'm not sure. There is a show called "Storyline" on TBS at 9am and one of the stories this morning will be an interview with Michael Touhy of Woodfire Grill, a successful Atlanta restaurant. Michael is a big supporter of local organic growers. They taped part of the interview at our farm and interviewed Nicolas as well. The same show has musicians Shawn Mullins and one of the members of REM. Nicolas and I used to wait tables together at a restaurant in Atlanta. He was just starting a farm and I was starting a theater. "Eat Your Vegetables", in Little Five Points, was where we met. That was also where I served a younger Shawn Mullins lunch many days. It's cool that he and Nicolas will be on the same show today.

While he is being shown on TBS, live Nicolas will be selling tomatoes (among many other things, but they are the biggest hit) this morning at the Morningside Farmers Market.

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