Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sunflower heads

My sunflowers in the kitchen this weekend, that so brightened my Sunday, are already gone. They were the flowers that had sat out in the heat at the market for hours, the only ones not to be sold, the "seconds". When I bring sunflowers to your home, be assured, they will be picked to last! We do eat a lot of seconds. We're not homesteading; we have to sell the best stuff.

But even with seconds you get gold. Below are the sunflower heads that Gillen brought home from the farm today. He placed some in the fence - like all-seeing eyes on the lookout for squirrels:
He has provided a sunflower seed buffet for the birds and they are coming back for seconds and thirds.
Many came home with these armored bugs (whose name I've forgotten) that try to bring down the sunflowers each year and never come close, so we can admire how cool they look.

And on to another passion - soccer with a home-before-dinner (quite unusual) papa!


Stephanie said...

Hi! Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog!

Christy said...

Wow! Those are amazing sunflower heads. Mine aren't even blooming yet.

Danielle said...

I imagine that your seconds are gold, without a doubt! Even homesteading as we are, we give the best away to CSA members, but we don't mind. Even with stained eggshells, the eggs still are mighty tasty!

I saved several sunflower seed heads from last year and just got them in the ground about a week ago. They're just starting to pop! I had very good germination, which I wasn't sure about considering I just left them on the flower head, in the bushel basket, in the barn, exactly where I dropped them coming in. Hardly careful storage!

Anonymous said...

Madeline, I was just thinking of you and your wonderful farm, I caught the tale end of Alton Browns okra show, I think it was a rerun but didn't catch the part with your farm :( anyway thanks for stopping by my blog, our vinyard is a mess this year, no harvest, the rain or flooding is horrid. Glad to reconnect and look forward to reading more of your blog! Great sunflowers!!!